What to do in Big Sur!

If you are a native Californian you are probably well acquainted with the famous Highway 1, it stretches through most of the Pacific Coastline. The highway is ideal for simply cruising, driving for the sake of driving, and heading somewhere, but not knowing exactly where. I often look for just about any excuse to travel down its windy roads. An amazing stop along this highway is Big Sur! I recently took a trip out One of the things I highly recommend if/when you start planning your trip is to check out the Loma Vista Garden Calendar, going to the show at this venue is a definite must if you have the opportunity! However, even if there are no bands playing when you visit, I still highly recommend visiting the venue, you can read more about the venue here.


Upon entering the venue you will find beautiful and unique sculptures made out of branches that provide a whimsical feeling to the space. IMG_1042


This is the stage where bands perform, seriously magical!

IMG_1065If you’re looking for amazing food and beautiful sights you should check out Cafe Nepenthe, they have a breathtaking view of Big Sur and a delicious and varied menu. This picture above was taken from one of their many balconies, so as you can tell, well worth the stop! 

IMG_1018 Another stop that is a must is the lovely River Inn, even if you are not staying at the Inn you can relax in their outdoor seating area. 

If you want to see my trip to Big Sur and a little of Mac DeMarco’s show take a look at my video below.


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